ETERNAL PENALIZATION: TURBO, the exciting sequel to the hit comic EXTREME PENALIZATION starring Jack Turbo, Canada’s finest Hyper-Agent, is AVAILABLE NOW in physical comic book format!

When British Columbia’s most notorious serial killer flees the province to Antarctica, it’s up to Jack Turbo to track him down and arrest him. But on the way back from this daring endeavor another emergency happens in the form of a heist gone wrong in Victoria’s own Canada Promise bank. Only Jack Turbo has what it takes to rescue the hostages and waste the bad guys. But can even He apprehend the killer and save the bank at the same time? Find out in Whitsteen’s new action packed epic Eternal Penalization: Turbo! Brought to you by Anxiety-Disorder Comics.

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Available in the comics section on this website!

Only 20 Copies printed! Collectors edition first printing comes signed by Whitsteen.

Or skip that and send 20 dollars (Including shipping) to PAPERPAPERPAPER@HOTMAIL.COM

($25 US – $30 for the Rest of the World)

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