• Greetings, fellow lovers of story and lore. Welcome to Anxiety-Disorder Comics internet HQ. Home of the most bizarre cast of super cartoon characters ever assembled under a unifying moniker. So, It’s 202o now and I think we’re all pretty much thinking the same thing. Holy shit, this is kind of fucked up! Which is why I must adhere to my instincts and create these comics. As the world becomes more and more ridiculous, or more and more media coverage of the ridiculousness that’s accessible all over the place. Probably too much information for any healthy minded human being to be consistently immersed in. Or maybe that’s just me.
    The art of comics and publishing has always been impressive on me and drawing me to it’s nature. The endless possibilities of fiction always dazzled and entertained, even when it sucked. These days I am utilizing more than just one art form to express my message and I think one that comes linked with comic books is the art of futility. In this modern digital age of mass media conformism and scrambling to find a shelter amongst the hailstorm of changing social atmospheres, one might say comics is outdated, or the business isn’t the same as it used to be, or something. So why when society is recklessly galavanting along at breakneck speed, would one choose to draw and write comics? Because it’s awesome. They may come for me. They may break me. They may torture me. They may burn my comics and smash my computer. They may destroy all that I’ve built and all that I’ve strived for. But they’ll never take what’s already way too late to stop. Like a really especially clever and hilarious joke.

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This hostile barren land is host to a multitude of lifeforms each more hideous and dangerous than the last. Venture within to familiarize yourself with the various dwelling monsters spanning from the jagged rocky pinnacles suspended amongst the clouds to the depths of a subterranean labyrinth of cavernous tunnels populated with undead ghouls. Capture the avatar of each monster for yourself with TUMOROIDS, the new collection from Whitsteen.

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