Offered the cherry
But I eat metal
Creature of Habitat
Under the spell
Creature of Habitat
Licking the Shell
Creature of Habitat
Come out of the shell
Infinite Secret
Hidden by Garden gnomes
Creature of Habitat
Mating ground bones

Lost in Lone Oak
Legend pretender
Alchemy Arcade
Doggy paddle bender
Three canopies of trees
Covers God and me
Cloud cream filling
Between space and the streets
Master of the realm of imagination
Apprentice of the realm of desire
Torch bearer
Fountain regenerates
Cleansed by the mist at night

Ritual Lens
Galactic Map extends
Birthed on virtual ground
Zero point response
Ultrasound Cosmos
Radial Blur
Bespangled Molten rock
Flowing from Earth’s core

Short Term
Desire Fulfilled
Won’t be long now
Going back for a refill
Projected fantasies
Lust and Greed
Another bloodthirsty
Adding up need
Agent of Punishment
Gulag of Ghosts
Calm and Serene
Is not even close
Mad rush
Man about town
Get out of the way
If you don’t want to pay
Mad rush
Cannot slow down
Get out of the way
If you don’t want to pay
Mad rush

Cat’s Paw Recall
from Primordial ooze
Lycanthropic Moon
Doubles back soon
Double headed sheep
Backwards flying geese
To the Emperor
Keep your head
Skin Horde Shed
Hunt Inscribed on the Shaman Staff
Dreaming of Snakes
Lizard lights the path

Thermo Queen
Magic in the machine
Angels on my side
But still alive
Living in the Devil’s house

Brave adventurer
Seeking glory and fortune
Past the torrent
At the base of the mountain
Come along
Acquire dwarfed figure of an elephant
Convey it to the altar at the summit of the mountain
Open the portal
Receive the power of the holy mortal
Apothecary Orb
Frequency release
Clear Vision horizon
Forever on a mountain peak
Catering Power waves
Behave in atomic Void
Tumbling Dice
Random ploy
Dispersed from the mystic eye
Result of the life battle
No choice but to
Let fate decide

Spellbound I’ve had it
Court Jester enchanted
Wisdom Tooth
In the satchel of coins
Forget the background noise
Relapse into resonance
Stressed chemical consciousness
Waiting for the moon to double back soon
Back against the wall
No knife to fall upon
Howling fangs
Sink deep
In the thrall

Idle trappings for years
Memory loss
Fog becomes clear
Impending archipelagos
Added up now
Time to pay the bill
Fending off the desire
Signed on for a waste time again
As soon as I crawl back
Sparked burn in the eye
Sucked back into the game

Cross Space mission
Executive decision
Shuttle down
Crash land on planet sand
Original mission integrity
Still in one piece
Every man packs
A fresh canteen
Of Absinthe
Finally Reach the Heinlein Crater
Pushing forward on a pilgrimage for freedom
Paradigm cascading
Rubix cube dream
Crack the shell open soon reach the cream
Climb the ridge
Hollowed out with a labyrinth of tunnels
Martian Troglodyte slaves
with Vaporized brains
Carpet bomb from orbit
Unites the free
Cosmic souls

Slow crime
Through the city grid
Gutteral streets
Ex-homicide detective
Of dubious Nature

Now’ve got your chance to live

New Job
One last case
Anything at all must be better than this place
Swigging whiskey
Smoke another cigarette
Drown out
A life of regret

Bogman’s Infernal Wench
Lair hidden deep in the west
Azure green light
Luminous fog
Everyone around is in this
Myriad Bog
Trading Prayers
Walking through the park
Soon encounter the Forest Witch
Ugly Heart

Magnifico was the Mule
Killed in the princes duel
The Mule

Crippling waves
Leagues above
Abyssal plains
Surfing on the wine dark sea
Infinite Leviathan lurks beneath

In the Wake of the ashes of rock
On the outskirts of the aqua meridian
Obsidian eyes
Reign down ashes to earth and lies
Lepers hide
Down in the hole with the other moles

New king wields the Trident

Suicide plunge
To the acid lake below
Full blow dimensional traveler
Accepts the life bestowed

Jettisoned between
The crusted and creeping stars
The Butterfly Nebula
3 billion miles far away

Embryo’d phantom mistakes

Disenamoured with immortality
Now almost dead in life

Two Teams
Pitted against one another
Snowy Slopes
Unfathomable Heights
Far below in the snow
Subterranean Knife FIghts

Fancy Sponsored Pinnies
The mercenary

All around
Ropes and chains
It’s fucking insane
Scattered pitfalls and cliffs
People get paid really big for this shit

Broadcast from behind the TV
The Wizard of Oz controls what you see

I’ve been swept away
To some mountain range castle plain
It’s some kind of glory game
These people are all insane

Banquets and halls
They’re having a ball
Pillars and falls
Living big for it all
So why do I get the feeling
We’re being fattened like cattle to kill?

Dark falls
Night Machines hunt us down
One by one
People disappear from the palace grounds
Looking for the way out
It can’t be found
Won’t be long now
I don’t belong now

Strike the shepherd and the sheep get scattered
Spider eyes behind cloak and dagger
Rule the throne
Chews his bone

Riding on to Babylon

Enter the center compartment
Shard sent with the priest
Subtle games with the beast
The alligators must feed

The River Plegethon
Burns up the splitting sands
How do people ever get across
This bastard land

The lamb is gone for the Devil’s due
Sacrifice the pawn
The blood is glue
Journey through the Rift in suspended animation
Sustained by drugs

Asteroid falls from the sky
Smashes through the skylight
Rift tears open the portal
Everything gets sucked through
Now I’m immortal

Rogue Asteroid
Gets shot off from the maelstrom
Disintigrates into a hailstorm
Travels light years to earth here
Hit the atmosphere

Outside Deployed
Inside the Savage Void
This body still humanoid
Discard the body find a new body later

Eden before the withdrawl
Crawling ancient empires fall
Valve of the brain eclipse
Forever Morphing Apocalypse

Counterfeit of death
Paternum Citadel
Spits acid breath
Sinking to the lower depths
Weird party in the sect streets
Blood seas
Seeps through the trees
Accept the peace
Smoke that bleeds
Herd, herd
The earth here
Into Sufficient Path
Tweaking floors
Twitching doors

C4 blast the flood door
Webbed cracks scattered
Crumbling inside
A fine place to hide
Before another landslide
Intensifying insanity
Rules the wind
Beckons, pushes
Dystopic visions within
Warrant, shadow of ghosts
Ride swift to the east
Blinding path through the black
Forest canopy
Rasing the platform
Viceroys unite
Synergized forces take flight
Forms in a psychic snake
Weaving back and forth takes shape
In the crowds Virgin minds
The key unlocks the prize
Hyena pack in waiting outside
But the barbed wire fence I built is electrified

Rogue Warrior
Marches bold through the snowstorm cold
Aurora Borealis
Swirls, projected from the mainframe
Connected to the Halo brain
Control Tower nestled
Hidden in the mountains
The Citadel
Of Arach Jabbarr
Suddenly euphoric captive inside the star
Shockwave expands
Rapidly transforming
This frozen barren land
Generating new life
From the freed fertile soil
I’m disintegrated in the process
This world is mutated into a planet-wide
Moths nest
Garden world is born
From ancient technology
Signature of an alien apology

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