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Unfortunato – Episode 2x – “King Pu

Table of Contents:

1. Pilot
2. Dropzone
3. Drones
4. Mai Dong Station
5. Dead-Eyed Betas
6. The Rudolf Corporation
7. Sektor X
8. The Fray: Part One
9. The Fray Part Two



1. Pu Fried Chicken
2. Project P.S.Y.C.H.O.
3. Son of Rudolf (Part One)
4. Son of Rudolf (Part Two)

And *COMING SOON*:  Episode 5: Force of Nature (Jumbo Doggo)

The new EPIC episode of “Unfortunato”:

Tan Balz gang checks in on him only to find his corpse. Venera Velvet AKA Agent Cleopatra checks out. Jack Turbo flies a Hyper-Jet en route to King Pu. Bertrand Rudolf is interrupted by family time while busy with very important Berty Business.

Coldblood MacKenzie awakens after critical life-saving surgery and sets out to escape the Sektor X Hospital for Special Prisoners, but first, he’s on a mission to redeem his stolen crack. On the way he meets a special friend. Slaughterhouse is released on the city of King Pu, on the condition that he hunts down Alexander Carmel, C.I.A., and kills him. but he never counted on screwing with the wrong guy, – and Unfortunato stands between the titans.


While working on Project P.S.Y.C.H.O. (Psychologically Specialized Youth Camp Housing Operation) in his King Pu Penthouse, Tan Balz gets a fierce surprise. Bertrand Rudolf takes a short break from very important work involving a mutant killer in a cage named Slaughterhouse to call his wife, Marion. Commandant John Jackstap and his K.E.T.G.U guards (King Pu Elite Tactical Guard Unit) struggle to eliminate Alexander Carmel in a Sektor X abandoned Factory. Coldblood MacKenzie awakens from his critical life-saving surgery to find his bitten-off leg has been replaced with a new cyber-leg.


Carmel is forced to battle a King Pu sniper while he’s pinned down. Coldblood MacKenzie must have critical life-saving surgery. Rudolf meets a new subject.

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Table of Contents:

1. Streets of Victoria
2. Subterranean Labyrinth
3. C.H.U.D’s
4. Giga Force
5. The Pit
6. Hunted Down
7. Cave Brawl
8. Insectuar
9. Depths Lair
10. Imp
11. Astro Skeletal
12. The Climb
13. Giga Lair
14. Pump Action Cyborg
15. Eons

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