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Creepy foghorns Crippled through the storm Legion inadequate Blessed light, staying true to form Regenerate the path of might Raindrop absorption Refreshing all life From above From outside the glove † Bloody balm communion Nu hourglass imposed Disabled veins and arteries from deities No one knows Wilting presuppositions Lord, was it all for this switch? […]

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Penalization III

PENALIZATION III Comic available on Comixology! SOUNDTRACKS available on And Eternal Penalization: Turbo has ALSO been released on comixology, and here is the icon link to THAT -> Limited number of physical copies available through the Store section of the website. Or you can order through e-mail by writing with your order. ⊕ […]

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Eternal Penalization: Turbo

ETERNAL PENALIZATION: TURBO, the exciting sequel to the hit comic EXTREME PENALIZATION starring Jack Turbo, Canada’s finest Hyper-Agent, is AVAILABLE NOW in physical comic book format! When British Columbia’s most notorious serial killer flees the province to Antarctica, it’s up to Jack Turbo to track him down and arrest him. But on the way back […]

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